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Helping you review and source the right technology solutions.

Do you need help finding and securing the best technology solutions from the marketplace?

We have the industry knowledge, experience and insight to help you navigate through your challenges to deliver your desired objectives with the appropriate and relevant sourcing strategies and execution.

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Analyse Your Supplier Landscape

Are you missing an opportunity? Lean Tree can complete an independent review of your current suppliers to highlight opportunities for improvement or identify potential efficiencies. Our unbiased and tailored approach enables us to identify the best solutions for you based on your specific needs. 

Define Sourcing Strategy

Whether it is business, product or engineering focused we can help create a sourcing strategy that aligns to your business and technical aspirations. We can support in-house supplier selections through to evaluating a full outsourcing initiative. We understand your timeframes and work with you to identify the reason for change. Using our knowledge and experience in the market and our relationships with suppliers we select the solutions that are best placed to meet the organisation’s needs.

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Sourcing Selection & Coordination

Are you daunted by running a supplier selection or RFP (request for proposal)? We recognise that these activities can be complex and time consuming. We can support all aspects of the selection process from identifying key stakeholders through to creating RFP artefacts, gathering supporting data from multiple sources, documenting non-functional requirements and establishing key comms with selected vendors/suppliers.

Sourcing Evaluation

We will support you with the development of an independent evaluation framework and provide support throughout evaluation process. This includes coordinating selection presentations, responding to vendor/supplier questions and using the objective evaluation framework to score responses. This ensures you are selecting the best solution for you and delivering value for your business.

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Sourcing Agreements

Our consultants can support internal teams, helping them to understand the obligations, plan for quick mobilisation, identify and manage risks, and engage with the supplier. Our experience enables us to work with your legal and procurement teams, to support the drafting of initial commercials, helping define key clauses such as specific Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

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