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Lean Tree’s services are formed from years of industry experience of leading transformational change. Our solutions are built on your needs and our experience of how to support them.

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Change Management

Our team of change management experts provide a tailored approach that encompasses all aspects of change. From preparing your organisation for the transformation, to supporting its execution, to ultimately realising and capitalising on the associated benefits – we’re committed to your success.


Tailored Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Agile Coaching programmes for teams, leaders, and organisations to excel and foster greater excellence.

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DevOps & Security

DevOps is a set of practices, tools, and a cultural philosophy that automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams.

Digital Delivery

Our consultants can help you move ahead of the competition by tailoring our Digital Delivery services to meet your needs. Our services are formed from years of industry experience and are built upon a solid understanding of delivering complex change initiatives effectively.

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Organisational Design

Supporting you to create a structured framework that outlines a plan for future organisational design to drive the achievement of your strategic objectives.


Our Product Practitioners will partner with you to develop and support the implementation of your product strategy and approach, delivering high-quality digital experiences, aligned to clear customer outcomes and business objectives.

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Service Management

Partner with us to elevate your IT service management function, driving efficiency, and achieving business excellence.

Sourcing & Outsourcing

We have the industry knowledge, experience and insight to help you navigate through your challenges to deliver your desired objectives through appropriate and relevant sourcing strategies and execution.

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Strategy & Consulting

Transform your organisation with our Strategy & Consulting services, designed to advise, deliver, and embed performance optimisation and business value. Explore the power of setting your digital vision, confidently navigate uncertainties, and maximise efficiency for lasting success.

Supplier Management

Increasingly, organisations are using best-of-breed solutions, resulting in a complex technical landscape of multiple providers with interwoven dependencies. Success is dependent on your ability to manage and effectively work with suppliers to deliver a cohesive solution as one team.

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Our consultants deliver and co-create bespoke in-house training to enable true Business Agility supported by technical Agile practices.

We engage people at the level of purpose, mindset and behaviour to create change over merely gaining information.

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