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Managed Service

We recognise the need for specialist skills in ITSM, therefore, we offer ‘Service Management as a Service’, ready to seamlessly integrate into your organisation and manage the day-to-day IT service (including third-party provider vendor management), enabling you to remain focused on what is core to your business while we focus on optimising performance and driving cost efficiencies.

IT Service Management Current
State Assessments

We provide a detailed and customised assessment of your ITSM landscape, analysing for risks and alignment with your business objectives and goals. Our comprehensive service assesses your ITSM processes for operational and security optimisations. The outcome of this thorough evaluation is a set of strategic proposals, specifically designed to enhance the security, efficiency and resilience of your ITSM function.

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Designing an IT Service Management

Following assessment, we partner with clients to develop actionable steps and refine ITSM processes such as Incident Management. Our comprehensive service covers many areas including Risk and IT Change Management, tailored for your requirements. We go beyond planning and actively engage in the implementation process, overseeing that each action is implemented effectively.

Business Continuity Planning

We offer comprehensive Business Continuity assessments and will develop a Business Continuity strategy and robust plan ensuring that your business remains functional and resilient in the face of unexpected disruptions and help you maintain continuous operation during crises. By preparing your organisation for various contingencies, we help safeguard your critical operations, data, and infrastructure, thus ensuring business continuity and stability.

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Compliance Service

Our Compliance Services are tailored to assist your organisation with the complexities of IT-related compliance, with a strong focus on ISO27001 standards. We provide expert guidance in aligning your IT operations with ISO27001, preparing your organisation for audits, and ensuring continuous compliance. Our approach not only helps in meeting regulatory demands but also in building a robust security culture within your organisation.

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