Some of the challenges we see​

Multiple Suppliers

Inadequate sourcing and management of suppliers and products

  • We support your sourcing journey from supplier or product selection, through to ongoing management 
  • Our independent and targeted evaluation criteria aids objective sourcing selection
  • We harness the benefits of multiple suppliers with a comprehensive supplier management framework
Resistance Change

Resistance to change and poor adoption driven by inadequate business engagement

  • We work with your business to ensure the reason and impact of the change is fully understood
  • We communicate clearly to build excitement and anticipation for change rather than fear 
  • We support your teams’ training needs to ensure they are fully equipped to gain maximum benefit
Delivery Resistance

Inconsistent approach to delivery

  • We have experience managing multiple suppliers and ensuring common delivery standards are followed
  • Our approach focuses on Agile practices with customer centricity and product management at the core 
  • Our service experts coach, educate and successfully embed change for long-lasting results

An absence of common coding and security standards creating maintenance burden

  • We have in-depth experience of implementing DevOps across multiple reference sites 
  • We use automation tools and practices to delegate routine and time-consuming tasks  
  • Our core specialisms enable us to quickly spot where adding value matters the most

What we do

Every organisation has a unique vision, focus and goal. Let us support you on your journey to maximise value and optimise agility. Our Business Transformation Services blend agile, product, process and technology to build what’s really needed to enable delivery at scale.


Our expert guidance helps organisations make informed decisions relating to their business, technology and organisational vision.


Our inter-connected services help organisations tackle their most significant challenges, resulting in successful outcomes.


We maximize business success with tailored support and proven practices, partnering with your team for enduring value at every phase.

What our clients say

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lean Tree on two large-scale transformation programmes and had a great experience both times. What I like about Lean Tree is they take time to understand the human aspects of what’s needed as well as being highly skilled at the craft of programme delivery. I’d highly recommend Lean Tree if you are embarking on a programme that needs to combine success in all aspects of people, processes, and systems.

YNAP Testimonial

Pete Marsden

Chief Techonology Officer, YNAP

Lean Tree is a highly flexible and adaptable company, that listens to requirements, provides solutions to challenges, and has an excellent team of knowledgeable team members, that cover a multi-diverse cross-section of deliverables, approaching and working through their work with dexterity, honesty, transparency and building a long-lasting relationship, delivering successful outcomes.

Clarks Testimonial Logo BW

Meriel Neighbour

Head of Digital Product, Delivery, & Transformation, Clarks

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