DevOps & Security

Accelerate Cloud and application delivery to optimise business value, security, and efficiency.

What does DevOps mean for you?

Partner with us to improve your DevOps practices and tools, and introduce a cultural philosophy that automates and integrates the processes between software development and IT teams.

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Platform (Datacentre, Cloud)

As organisations strive to edge ahead of the competition, building business features in automated, repeatable, and secure ways is essential. Leveraging Cloud services enables speed, agility, and improved security.

Workload Migration

Optimising efficiency, scalability and maximising performance when migrating applications, systems and workloads between environments is essential to keep pace with the rate of change. Our experts advise and embed strategies for migration, tailored to your goals and needs.

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Security practices and measures are fully embedded into the DevOps pipeline, making security an integral part of the software development and delivery process recommended at Lean Tree. This service model aims to address security concerns early in the development lifecycle, automate security processes, and ensure a continuous and proactive approach to securing applications.

Governance & Compliance

Our experts have extensive experience in the identification and adoption of governance and compliance best practice. We can advise on policy development, all aspects of risk and change management. We can also work with you to automate risk and compliance to make these part of your development DNA.

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Application Modernisation

Our experts are innovators who seek to improve overall efficiency and performance of existing software applications by adapting them to take advantage of the latest technology advances without the need to re-platform legacy capabilities.

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