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What is the future of your customer’s experience?

Customer experience is measured on every touch point with your business and goes beyond the bounds of the traditional channels

Great Digital CX is essential to give your customers a positive experience leading to increased satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

At Lean Tree we can help you design the best experience for your customers, providing solutions for all your channels which need to seamlessly deliver a coherent and joined-up journey across your offerings.

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Why Digital CX matters

Digital CX, or digital customer experience, refers to the sum total of interactions between a customer and a company through digital channels such as websites, mobile apps, contact centres, social media, email, and messaging platforms. It encompasses all aspects of a customer’s digital journey, from the initial search for information about a product or service to post-purchase support and feedback.

The goal of digital CX is to create positive experiences for customers, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Designing for CX

Digital CX design involves optimizing digital touchpoints to ensure a seamless and personalized experience for customers. 

Digital CX design also involves the use of customer data and analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing companies to tailor their digital experiences to the needs and expectations of their customers. This can include personalised recommendations, targeted messaging, and proactive support.

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Our approach to CX design

We help ambitious clients transform the way they communicate with their customers and communities. Designing and building customer-centric digital products that create a seamless omnichannel user journey throughout your brand.

We help the client with understanding the customer journey and identifying opportunities to improve customer engagement and satisfaction at every touchpoint. This requires a deep understanding of the brand’s target audience, their needs, preferences, and behaviours, as well as the context in which they will be interacting with the brand.

The five stages of CX design

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Conducting customer research, analysing customer feedback and behaviour data, and identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. 

UX Design

UX Design

Creating user-centered design solutions that address the pain points and needs of customers and ensure a smooth and intuitive customer journey.

Visual Design

Visual Design

Creating visually appealing designs that reflect the brand’s identity and values and help create an emotional connection with customers. 

CX Development


Implementing the UX and visual designs into functional digital solutions, such as websites or mobile apps.

CX Testing

Testing & Optimisation

User testing and collecting feedback to optimize the digital CX design to ensure that it meets the expectations of customers. 

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