Does your organisation struggle with engagement from your teams when it comes to delivering change?

Are you hearing lots of grumbling from users relating to the change? 

Are teams confused, concerned that they haven’t been part of project discussions?

You are not alone – these are common signs of business resistance, and finding meaningful solutions can be a challenge for leadership and programme teams.  

One of the most common obstacles to implementing successful transformation is the reluctance of the business to embrace change, often rooted in a lack of understanding. Identifying and addressing the reasons for resistance is crucial to ensuring that your transformation objectives are realised.

So, how do we reduce resistance within organisations?  Often overlooked, but critical to success, proactively managing change can be the difference between a successful project and a failing one.  People are at the heart of every change and by proactively managing the change, business teams can feel better informed, better prepared, and ready to accept the change, thus reducing the potential for resistance.

With the pace of change ever increasing, evolving complexities, and mounting time pressures, most teams don’t have the bandwidth to proactively manage change. It demands substantial effort, tenacity, and patience, and often becomes time-consuming.

This is why change management experts are here to help.

We can relieve the burden from the impacted teams, enabling a continued focus on day-to-day roles, whilst remaining closely linked to the outcomes. We do this through regular and effective communication, ensuring a shared understanding of the reason for the change, ensuring people are ready and prepared for the change and fully trained, therefore minimising resistance and unlocking your potential for success.

Watch out for the next blog where we will be delving into 5 ideas on how to make your transformation project more successful.

If you have any questions or comments or want to understand more about how Lean Tree can help, please reach out or find out more about our Change Management service. 

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