Learning the Scaled Agile Framework® and becoming certified is a great way to show modern, relevant skills for professionals in IT project and program roles. 

Here are 10 tips for passing your SAFe® exam

  1. Do some preparatory work before the training. Read the recommended articles. Have a preparatory skim through the digital workbook. Become familiar with the course map. Browse the SAFe® Big Picture. 
  2. Be fully present at the training. Avoid distractions. Get plenty of sleep before and between training days. Hydrate well. Do whatever you need to do to manage your energy levels. Use the breaks for rest and recovery.
  3. Be an active learner. Highlight things. Scribble brief notes of interesting points. Ask questions, using the question asking protocol agreed at the start of the class. 
  4. Don’t wait too long to take the exam. The information is at its best when its new. 
  5. But don’t rush into it either. The exams are not unduly difficult, but they have a reasonably high pass mark. Use the exam study guide. Do the work the exam study guide recommends you do to be ready.
  6. Use the practice test. You can take the practice test as many times as you like, and it will tell you what you got wrong, so you know what to go back and study again.
  7. Have at least one sleep between finishing your studies and taking the exam. During sleep, the brain organizes information taken in during the previous day. This is the reason things often seem clearer in the morning.
  8. Don’t rush the exam. Read each question carefully. Read each answer carefully. It’s multiple choice. Even if the correct answer seems obvious, just double check you are satisfied the answer cannot be the other options offered. 
  9. Use exam time management technique. Do the questions you can do easily first to start racking up points. If you’re stuck, make a note, move on, and come back later. 
  10. When you’ve finished, check you have answered all the questions and supplied the correct number of answers to each question. 

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